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Military Theodolites

MT. 1 Military theodolite

This is supplied in its original fitted steel box. The geared head of the theodolite has a worm-driven elevation platform that carries the telescope. This platform can be tilted about 20o above and below the horizontal. The telescope gives an erect image at a magnification of x1. A cross-hair is superimposed on the field of view.

The geared head is 3” in diameter and made of heavy brass. It provides a 64:1 reduction ratio when a graduated thimble is rotated by hand. There is an engraved angle scale, in mils, on the geared head. There is also an angle scale engraved on the thimble, so angles can be measured to less than 1 mil. The worm drive to the geared head is fitted with a disengagement mechanism, so the geared head can be slewed rapidly by hand.

The entire device is carried on a massive ball and socket head attached to an equally massive steel angle bracket. Weight 15lb.


MT. 2 Tilting Mechanism

This is the mechanism on MT. 1 (above) that tilts the tiny telescope.

You could use this mechanism to tilt a mirror or a prism within an optical system or, of course, you could use it to tilt a very small sighting telescope to measure the angular separation of stars.


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